Hyperspin controller setup

This part of the DIY Arcade guide will cover the installation and setup of the main software on your arcade. This arcade cabinet is still a work in progress, the guides are not done yet, updates coming soon. I will be to using windows 10 for my build, I recommend keeping the software on this computer as minimal as possible. I recommend updating to the latest version, then install all your software and turn off windows update completely. I also advise staying away from updates as long as you are not having troubles with your current version.

A few solutions to disable windows 10 updates are described on This website. I recommend using a black wallpaper without any icons on your desktop and autohiding the start menu. This will make the machine look more professional during startup. The last thing you want is it to delete necessary files corrupting your setup. I also recommend creating regular backups of your setup. You could create a zip of your hyperspin installation folder but I recommend creating a full disk image of your C drive when you are completely done.

This will be a basic Hyperspin package containing some basic systems but without any roms or media. This may seem overwhelming at first but you get familiar very quickly as Hyperspin is very logical.

When installed, launch the tool. If you have more than 1 controllar attached, the utilitty will presumably randomly choose one of the devices.

If you want to configure the second controller unplug the first and restart the applicaiton. It should automatically select the second controller now. In here you can assign a keyboard key to each of the inputs. Below is my personal mapping table for my control panel. After completing your mapping, I recommend Saving File-Save As the mapping to your HDD in case the controller loses its settings or you accidentally reset the board from within the utility.

You want all the LEDs to turn on even when your computer is off. Then click Apply.

Arcade Cabinet – Setup Hyperspin & Controllers

When your power on script is recorded and working correctly turn off and on the main power. Before we can use LEDBlinky to create animations, we need to generate an input map.I've looked at a lot of tutorials, but how you explained it was really interesting and helpful!

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How to Use a Controller With Oblivion (JoyToKey) - Detailed Guide - Everything Mapped

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Each application allows certain modes of control and does not support certain others. Lest's make a list of the different controllers systems that can be used and how to integrate them with HyperLaunch, Emulators and Games.

If you are using USB Controllers to play your games, the best option is to map every Game and Emulator directly with the Joysticks input, This is easier said than done. This is the case of a normal button on your controller, or even the keys on a conventional keyboard. Many old games use only this type of input, but not all of them do. This is the case of the analog sticks in PC Controllers or Joysticks, paddles, pedals, etc. As you can imagine, the transmitted value depends on how hard or how far this control is pressed, and the game or application reacts accordingly, so these controls can be difficult to replace by digital controls.

As you can see, to correctly emulate systems that where build to use analog controls, you should use Joysticks input. Also HyperLaunch and HyperLaunchHQ uses DirectInput to change the order of the controller to the preferred ones, and to capture the input of such controllers.

DirectInput is part of DirectX since version 1. While Microsoft initially intended that DirectInput would handle all inputs, it hasn't turned out this way.


As of Microsoft doesn't recommend using DirectInput for keyboards or mice, and has started pushing the newer XInput for Xbox controllers. XInput, an API for "next generation" controllers, was introduced in December alongside the launch of the Xbox This instruction set provided full support for Xbox controllers in Windows XP SP1 and subsequent operating systems, and is described by Microsoft as being easier to program for and requiring less setup than DirectInput.

XInput is compatible with DirectX version 9 and later. The order of XInput controllers is determined by the XInput system and can't be changed, the order the controllers are conected generally determine the number that is represented in the controller with the guide button lights. But you should also note that every XInput device with Microsoft Drivers is also a DInput device, even if you can see it as two controllers, both can be accessed by different applications with the two different libraries.

The above, however, ignores the fact that many DirectInput controllers, such as gamepads with dual analog sticks and racing-wheel controller sets, already map triggers and pedals independently. In addition, many DirectInput devices also have vibration effects. At least one driver, XBCD, gives the Xbox controllers the vibration support, dead zones and optionally independent triggers through DirectInput.

On the other hand, Xbox controller and XInput support only very basic control of vibration motors in contrast with great palette of various effects supported by DirectInput. The controller itself is a USB device with an extra wire V-sync, usually yellow.HyperSpin allows you to create custom menu systems to run most executables with that arcade look and feel. HyperSpin takes a more artwork-oriented approach to creating menus.

With this tool, you should be able to make interesting menus for your games, movies etc. Simply put, HyperSpin is likely the best-looking emulation front-end ever devised and makes emulation setup easier. We have made getting HyperSpin up and running easy if you follow our simple guide below, but if you use other directories or versions of MAME than those outlined here, then you will be on your own as we don't offer support for any of this.

Hyperspin Documentation and Help. Hyperspin User-Created Guide. Hyperlaunch: If using Hyperlaunch, the Q and S keys are disabled unless you apply this workaround. Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Home Solutions. How can we help you today? Enter your search term here New support ticket. Check ticket status. Sorry we couldn't be helpful. Help us improve this article with your feedback. Related Articles.Download and run the latest LEDBlinky setup program.

Install LEDBlinky into any folder. Select any optional components if desired. The input map defines the relationship between each wired port on your LED controller sand the keyboard input code for a button or input codes for other controls Joysticks, Trackball, etc. That button is wired to the keyboard encoder and assigned to the letter "A". The input map would have four entries:. Note: For the Port Labels, you may select from the drop-down list or type any value you wish.

The colors. An updated version may be available for downloaded from the ArcadeControls forum. You can also configure LEDBlinky to play an LED animation, speak the game name, and speak a custom message, all before the game starts.

Other Game options are available. Step 2d From the "FE Options" tab, you can configure various "Attract" features when the front-end starts, when switching lists, when the screen saver is active, and when the front-end quits.

This is a manual process. Since there is no way for LEDBlinky to know the control-input mapping button assignmentsor specific controls, or button colors for each emulator or individual game, you must provide the information manually using the LEDBlinky Controls Editor.

LEDBlinky and the Controls Editor provide a number of features to ease the configuration of emulators and games.

From the Controls Editor import menu, you can display the list of unknown games and select which you wish to import. You can then define the controls. Controls for player 1 can be copied to players 2, 3, and 4. It is not necessary to define the controls for every game - using the Controls Editor you can define a default set of controls for each emulator or even a default for all emulators.

A full description on how to use the Controls Editor is provided in the Installation and Configuration Guide pdf. Any front-end that supports the ability to launch an external application and pass parameters e.

hyperspin controller setup

Rom name can use LEDBlinky. You should only enable the LEDBlinky features for events that your front-end supports. For example, if your front-end can launch LEDBlinky. If your front-end can launch LEDBlinky. The LEDBlinky application can be launched multiple times once for each event parameter but only one instance will remain in system memory. Note: If you start a game without specifying the emulator, the last selected emulator will be used, or MAME is the default.

Note: If you don't specify the emulator, the last selected emulator will be used, or MAME is the default. Note: For Audio Animations, the second parameter specifies the animation file used for the first frame. Note: Input mappings defined in the default. Typical values: analog, joy2way, joy4way, joy8way, joydiag, vjoy2way. Default is joy8way.

If an LED Controller supports a greater range of values 0 — for examplethe 0 — 48 value will be proportionally adjusted.We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days. The award-winning Shooting Gun Wireless Controller is the best available light gun today. The real action begins now!! Simply mount the LED receivers on your TV or display with the included easy-to-remove puttyconnect the Bluetooth wireless adapter into an available USB port, install the drivers and calibrate your gun!

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hyperspin controller setup

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hyperspin controller setup

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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Steam Controller Store Page. Global Achievements. I'm having a literal nervous breakdown trying to get HyperSpin working with my two Steam Controllers, and I could use serious mental help at this point.

Best moddable games

I've been gaming many years, but Steam is not my specialty. I have Steam of course, and I bought the Steam Controllers based on reviews and the apparent abundance of features.

That works. But it loses HyperSpin from the setup completely, of course i. I found this brilliant workaround, and it's brilliant, but it doesn't work with HyperSpin, because the Steam shortcut only talks to Xpadder. I don't even know where to begin on that. The thing is constantly doing that deactivate on full screen, so I hit the Back and Start buttons or is the Back and Steam button? I try them both, anyhow, and I can't tell if either one has ever done a damn thing.

I follow the instructions, but when I launch it, it also does not even see a controller. Can't get too far with that if the Steam Controller isn't even a controller. My job and sexual performance has begun to be affected. While I think I've several years to go before I lose it completely, I am being emotionally and psychologically traumatized by two game controllers I had such high hopes for. He doesn't explain HOW, he just shows that he has it working.

Hell, man, I'll pay ya.

hyperspin controller setup

That's fine, I don't mean to be bitter, I just am. I want to play Stargate on my Hyperspin, dammit. These controllers absolutely rule - but why must they be bound to Steam in this manner?

Just please update the firmware to make them talk to Windows as something other than a keyboard and mouse.

I mean, guess what, Steam? I actually HAVE a keyboard and mouse already.

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Any help from anyone who has half a clue about this stuff will be very appreciated. Rant and plea for support concluded. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments.

Ok, so that's gonna be a bit rough. Not only is this a moot point but I have the sneaky suspicion this will likely never work with the SC. SC just does thing differently. KODI has never worked quite normally for me personally. I just use it with my custom desktop config and that works just fine. Another thing to get back to us with is, does the overlay for BPM show up in HyperSpin when it works? Also, once MAME is launched does the overlay break and go away?


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